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What is paresthesia, the possible secondary effect after the Moderna vaccine?


The latest Pharmacovigilance Report includes it as an adverse reaction, although it insists that the symptoms are mild

Paresthesia is already known as a possible secondary effect related to the inoculation of the Moderna vaccine also known as Spikevax. But what exactly is paresthesia? It is a sensitivity disorder, although its appearance after the inoculation of the dose of Moderna is «rare», according to a report by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), dependent on the Ministry of Health.What is paresthesia, the possible secondary effect after the Moderna vaccine?What is paresthesia, the possible secondary effect after the Moderna vaccine?

The most common adverse reactions to the vaccine are pain in the arm where the injection was made, fever, headache, dizziness, malaise, joint pain, chills, fatigue, or nausea. The ‘ 12th Pharmacovigilance Report on Covid Vaccines ‘ includes paresthesia as a reaction to Moderna’s vaccine.

Paresthesia may be felt in some parts of the body due to irritation or compression of the nerves and usually manifests as sensations without prior stimulation, such as tingling. However, we can differentiate it from tingling in that, when it occurs as a result of the vaccine, it appears and disappears suddenly.

Diverse symptomatology

This disorder can manifest itself mildly or more severely, although the most common symptoms are: tingling, numbness, itching, burning, the sensation of cold or numbness, and difficulty in contracting the muscles of the affected area.

How to relieve it

The most common is that these types of sensations disappear during the first half-hour after the appearance of the first symptoms. Treatment to relieve it could consist of exercises and massages on the affected area to restore circulation.

If, on the other hand, it becomes a persistent disorder, there are some medications such as anti-inflammatories to try to reduce the symptoms, but it will be necessary to consult a doctor who studies the particular situation of each patient.

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