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Side effects of masturbation in male daily

Discover the side effects of masturbation in male daily.

Masturbation is a normal, healthy sexual activity with few side effects. Masturbation is associated with many strange things, like going blind, and most of these claims are false.

Masturbation is an act in which an individual stimulates his genitals to obtain sexual pleasure, leading or not to orgasm. This act is common in men and women of all ages, and it plays a role in healthy sexual development.

Research has found that among teens ages 14 to 17 in the United States, about 74% of men and 48% of women masturbate.

Among older adults, approximately 63% of men and 32% of women ages 57-64 masturbate.


People masturbate for various reasons. These include pleasure, fun, and release of tension. Some masturbate alone, while others masturbate with a partner.

This article looks at the possible side effects of masturbation and separates fiction from reality regarding masturbation myths. It also identifies some of the health benefits of masturbation.

Masturbation myths

There are many myths about the risks of masturbation, however, none of these have been proven.

There are many myths about masturbation. While many of these have been debunked multiple times, they seem to resurface time and time again.


Most claims about masturbation are not supported by science. There is usually no scientific evidence to show that masturbation causes any of the suggested adverse effects. Masturbation will not cause:

• blindness

• hairy palms

• impotence in later life

• erectile dysfunction


• penis shrinkage

• curvature of the penis

• low sperm count

• infertility

• mental diseases


• physical weakness

Some people worry about their partner masturbating because they think their relationship must be unsatisfactory if they do; this is also a myth.

Most men and women continue to masturbate either alone or together when in a relationship or married, and many consider it an enjoyable part of their relationship.

One study found that women who masturbated had happier marriages compared to those who did not.

Side effects of masturbation in a male

Masturbation is harmless. It can cause chafing or skin sensitivity in some people if they do it too hard, but they usually heal within a few days.


If men masturbate frequently in a short period, they can develop a slight swelling of the penis called edema. This swelling usually goes away in a couple of days.

Other possible side effects of masturbation include:


People who think that masturbating conflicts with their religious, spiritual, or cultural beliefs may experience feelings of guilt. However, masturbation is not immoral or wrong, and self-pleasure is not shameful.

Talking about these feelings of guilt with a friend, health professional, or sexual health therapist may help you overcome feelings of guilt or shame related to masturbation.

Decreased sexual sensitivity

Aggressive or excessive masturbation techniques may reduce sexual sensitivity.


Men who masturbate very aggressively, grasping or squeezing the penis with great force, may experience decreased sensation. This can be resolved over time with a change in technique.

Better stimulation, such as using a vibrator, can increase arousal and overall sexual function in both men and women.

Women using a vibrator have reported better sexual function and lubrication, while men experienced an improvement in erectile function.

Prostate cancer

It is not yet clear whether masturbation increases or decreases the risk of prostate cancer. More studies are needed before concluding.

A 2003 study showed that men who ejaculated more than five times a week in their twenties were one-third less likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer than those who ejaculated less frequently.


Researchers speculate that the lower risk is because frequent ejaculation can prevent the accumulation of carcinogens in the prostate gland.

A 2016 study found a similar link between frequent ejaculation and a lower risk of prostate cancer. The researchers found that men who ejaculated 21 times a month or more had a lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

In contrast, a 2008 study found that frequent sexual activity in men’s twenties and thirties increases their risk of prostate cancer, especially if they masturbate regularly.

Disrupts daily life

In very few cases, some people masturbate more than they want to, which could have the following consequences:

• stop them from going to work, school, or important social events


• disrupt a person’s daily functioning

• affect your responsibilities and relationships

• serve as an escape from problems in a relationship or act as a replacement for real-life experiences

If someone feels that their masturbation practice is negatively affecting them, they should speak to a healthcare professional.

A doctor or therapist may suggest verbal therapy to determine how to manage your sexual behavior.


A sex therapist can also offer strategies for dealing with excessive masturbation. To find a local sex therapist, visit the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

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